Monday, July 12, 2010

I feel so bad for her.................

All my life I have never had to worry or deal with Poison Ivy, none of my kids were allergic, well that's what I thought.. Poor Hannah is highly allergic to PI... She got it on 4th of July. Jennifer and My friend Lynsie also got it that day! Their cases are mild compared to Hannah's. I took her to the Dr last week, gave her a shot of steroids and an oral dose to take at home.. I have been putting ointment on her and keeping her on benadryl around the clock... Today her PI got worse, she was saying it was itching and hurting.. I decided it was time to go back to Dr, They gave her another stronger shot.. She was such a trooper, you can tell she wanted to cry but she didn't! Then they wrote her another dose of steroids but this time at an adult level. She is borderline children's meds and adults meds they said... Thankfully this one is on the 4 dollar list at walmart... Their insurance isn't covering their meds right now, so the cheaper the better... Its one am and she is finally asleep, I am hoping these meds help this time.. If not then she will be going back for five days straight to get a shot once a day... Please please please work......
Plus Hannah has her end of the year softball tourney this weekend.. She wants to play so badly... Please keep her in your thoughts....
Go away PI, Go away =)
This is tonight (July 12) before I took her to Dr the
second time. those are all PI spots under ointment

seconds trip to Dr, that shot hurt =(

the beginning on her face

all swollen but can still smile, she wasn't
happy she had to wear gloves

Just got her shot, what a trooper(first trip to Dr)

this is what her body looks like now, but ten times worse

All around her eye....

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Kristin said...

Poison ivy SUCKS. Hope Hanah clears up soon.