Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coolest total mommie....

When I first heard if silly bands, I thought no way will I buy these things! I had no idea what the big hype was all about! Hannah's best friend and my niece Lexi share a birthday and the only thing they requested were silly bands!! I caved and bought them some.. The next day we all head to the mall, did some shopping and officially jumped on the ban wagon! Spencer and Hannah both own 72 silly bands.. Yes its a boy and girl thing!!! But I have to admit, I had fun looking at all the different kinds. We have animals, rock band, glitzy,dress up,glow in dark,smelly ones,fruits and a few more!!! As Spencer said to me after buying them" mommy you are the coolest total mommie" (I think he was a lil confused)! So yay for being the coolest total mommie;)
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Katie said...

You have smelly ones?!?! I want smelly ones!!!
You def are the coolest total mommy ;) ;) ;)

Kristin said...

I love the glow in the dark ones.