Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am not ready to say goodbye...

My Grandpa is really sick, hes been in ICU for 2 weeks.. He is in kidney failure, heart failure and his lungs keep retaining fluid. On top of all of this, a week ago he started swelling from his waist down. They said he was in toxic shock and had to do emergency surgery to remove gangrene.. It was life or death.. He almost died on the operating table, it took alot to keep him alive. He just came off the breathing tube this past weekend. He said he knows he is dying and he sees the light, he said he is ready to go!
My grandpa has to have another surgery, it was supposed to be tomorrow but hes not strong enough for the surgery right now..
Please continue to pray for my grandpa and my family. I wish our visits were not limited to just 4 visits a day =(
I know my grandpa has lived a long and happy life, But I am not ready to say goodbye!

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