Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am not an angry person, so when anger gets thrown my way the only way I know how to react is to cry. I cant yell back or be angry back! I understand that my family is going thru so much right now and the only way for people to deal with grief is to YELL and be ANGRY!
I just have to keep telling myself that no one is angry with me per say, but angry with the situation. Angry with death... Even though death is a part of life, no one knows how to cope with it.. We all have to cope in our own ways.. Some yell and some cry..
I just keep telling myself, this to shall pass...
I know my Grandpa wouldn't want all this bickering and hatefulness, So I will just take it all in and hope it all passes soon..
My grandfather is in surgery as I type, hes having a skin graph done and it should take about three hours! His chances of surviving is 50-50..
Please pray for my family, please pray for my grandpa, please pray for the anger and that it will soon be gone!

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