Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Two weeks ago I was trying to rearrange my living room and ended up dropping my computer tower on my foot. I watched it for a few hours and put ice on it. The swelling just got worse and the pain was bad. I went to emergency room and they said it was just a bad bruise and was just swollen. The next day it was worse and really purple. Next dr said it was to swollen to for sure see a break but he figured it was fractured, told me to have it re rayed in a week. So yesterday I went back to Doctor and he said my second toe is broke. All the swelling in my foot is down but my toe is still swollen and hurts really bad. So all they can do is buddy tape it. I gotta go back in two weeks for another xray!
So for now I have to just take it easy and keep it taped. It really hurts :(

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