Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My heart is breaking......

My heart is breaking for my friends and family of my hometown... I am proud to say I grew up in the smallest town ever, Linden Texas.. This past week has been horrible here.. I now live about ten miles from Linden..
My hometown is burning up from wildfires. It has already burnt up over 29,000 acres of land, structures and homes..
So many families have been evacuated, its very sad. It breaks my heart knowing that my hometown is going through all of this.
Our firefighters are fighting this fire day and night. Most are getting no rest at all.. I wish there was something more I could do but I did donate some supplies and that makes me feel a lil better.
WE NEED RAIN... We have needed rain for the last three months but we really NEED it now..
Cass County ( the county in Linden) has declared the county a natural disaster and are calling in bigger help then what we have now.
All we can do is pray, Pray for our firefighters, our Police and the rest of the people out there defending this fire..
Pray for rain....
Here are a few pictures of this horrible disaster going on in my home town..

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