Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day

Today was the MLB opening day and it was also Opening day for our Baseball and Softball games. We are having our first of the year tournament. Spencer had his very first game tonight. He played a team against the Padres ( just happens to be his cousins team). Spencer did awesome, I am so proud of him. He is the catcher and almost caught two foul balls. He also batted twice and made it to second both times.. Its such a fun age group to watch play. I didn't get to many pictures, I was to busy cheering them on. I will try and get more pictures tomorrow night!
They ended up winning 14-2.. WTG Rays!!!
We play again tomorrow and if (WHEN) we win tomorrow, we will play again Saturday! Its a double elimination so we have at least two more games to play.. The tournament will be all day Saturday for the rest of the games!
I am hoping I get to watch him play some Saturday but Hannah also has 4 games Saturday to and I am assistant coach so I have to be there for her games. Thankfully Spencer's Nana and Aunt will be there to cheer him on!!

before his game
( sry phone pics)
(look at my lil catcher)

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