Thursday, June 17, 2010

My kids rock....

I am so proud of Hannah and Spencer. Yesterday they had a dentist appointment to get teeth pulled! Hannah had an adult tooth coming in and a baby tooth that would not come out! Spencer had fractured the root of his baby tooth(by playing on the bed) and it had caused an infection in his gums. They both took the needle with the sleepy juice so much better than I do! No tears shed at all, well not by them that is! I cried, I don't know why but I did! so in case you didn't know it, my kids rock:)
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Beautiful Mess said...

WOOOHOOO way to go kids! I don't hate the dentist, but I don't love going there either. Thankfully we haven't had TOO many run ins with the dentist around here. I doubt our luck will hold out for much longer ;o)