Monday, June 14, 2010

I can't stand this feeling

My anxiety has gotten really bad lately. I get this feeling of tightness in my chest and I feel like I can't breath! I have so many fears and when I get close to these said fears I just clam up and either close my eyes or run out of the room I was in at the time! I never had anxiety problems til I found my xhubby cheating 5 yrs ago! Right now I am sitting outside on the swing blogging just trying to focus on something other than my anxiety. Its not working:( I am on antidepressant and hoping they will work. If not I guess I will have to go back the dr. I hate being on meds but I can't stand this feeling either:(
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Tiffany said...

hon, you really ought to get to the doctor and get put on some anti anxiety meds...or have them adjust the medication you're already taking. I take Paxil and it tends to work well for me...but maybe you just need something additional like xanax that you take as-needed...that way you don't feel like you're SO dependent on them. I hope you feel better <3

Kristal said...

thanks Tiff, I am gonna have to figure out something cuz I sure dont like this feeling!

Kristin said...

{{{Hugs}}} Kristal. There is NO shame in getting help if you need it.