Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well Jen went to her Ortho today and her test revealed that she has 4 pinched nerves in her arm. Nothing else can be done but surgery..... She goes in on Tue morning for her Surgery, Its a simple procedure but as any surgery there is always risk! She is scared and I understand that fear.. She will be in a cast for 2 weeks and then off work for a week. He wanted her off work for 4 weeks but since she has a desk job and really only needs one hand to do her job, he said okay!
I will keep you updated on Tue how everything is going. Until then she is on pain meds to try and make this week go by a lil easier for her!!!

If everyone could please keep her in your thoughts!!

Thanks =)


Kristin said...

Tell Jen I said good luck. I hope her surgery brings her as much relief as Vic's has brought him.

GeekByMarriage said...

Give Jen a huge squishy hug for me! Everything will get better after surgery!

Joseph LeCrieux said...

Yeah, poor Jen! I feel for her I know this is really bothering her. Guess we are gonna Starbucks it on Tues!

Beautiful Mess said...

Hmmm for some reason your blog isn't updating in my reader. I'll have to fix that....

Anyway..tell Jen that she needs to get better soon! I hope the surgery goes well and she's feelin tip top SOON!